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A Kingdom by the Sea (Mystery RPG)

Graseia, a peaceful kingdom beknown to neighboring kingdoms.
Lloyd V. Freigen, to be crowned as a prince has found out the conspiracy
of his father, Xander J. Freigen, the king. Having found out that the
kingdom he knew was a lie, Lloyd has escaped from the castle and
started to investigate and search for the King's collaborators.
He then reaches a town, half way far from Graseia, there he meets a
girl by the name of Yuri Kanzaki, a normal girl who is in a lot of trouble
since Yuri is somehow involved in a Murder case!
In order to hide from the Graseia guards, Lloyd is forced to pretend
as a Detective and solve cases even though he has not the slightest
knowledge about how solving cases is done!
How would this go? I must say...

This RPG is merely a mystery solving/case solving game.
No battle and etc.
Puzzle, Patterns, Murders, Crimes, Suspect

Find all of them even though you're not really a detective!

A demo will be released this week, or maybe next.

Published Oct 25, 2015
StatusIn development
AuthorRiverside Games
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAnime, RPG Maker

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